VIBRA Schulthe is an international famous vibrating equipment manufacturer and supplier was founded in Germany in 1948, owning the powerful vibratory technologies and extensive experiences and supplying the advanced vibrating processes and machines to clients throughout the world.
    The main scope of our supplies includes but not limited to Vibrating Conveyors, Vibrating Screening Machines, Spiral Cooling/Heating Conveyors, Fluid-bed Dryer/Coolers, Vibrating Motors, Electromagnetic Vibrators, Vibrating Tables and Container Discharge Stations. 
    Since the first day of its establishment, VIBRA is focusing itself on the research and development of VIBRAtion technologies and manufacturing the best quality vibrating equipment. During the more than 60 years of development, VIBRA Schultheis has earned an excellent reputation for innovation and developed into an internationally recognized partner of the chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical and food industries.。
    VIBRA Vibration Technology (Shanghai) Company Limited, a wholly-owned enterprise of VIBRA Schultheis was founded in Shanghai in 2013 and will be responsible for the marketing development, fabrication, technical support and after-sales services throughout China.

Important milestones on the route to our present product range:
  • 1948 Manufacture of the first vibrating machines
  • 1960 Manufacture of electromagnetic vibrators
  • 1968 Equipment of complete cold rooms for freeze drying plants
  • 1978 Manufacture of the first Vibrating motors
  • 1989 Development and delivery of modern fluid-bed roasting plants
  • 1992 Start of production at our new Utzberg/Weimar facility
  • 1996 Development of highly efficient screening and cooling conveyors for the plastics industry
  • 1996 Construction of a new pilot plan
  • 1997 Development of natural-frequency fluid-bed dryers with a fluidizing plate area of up to 30 m2 for maximum operator convenience
  • 2000 New ERF series of vibrator units with frequency control
  • 2001 Development of a modular system of natural-frequency conveyors
  • 2008 Patented crystallization process with a vibrating swirl tray conveyor
  • 2011  Establishment of VIBRA Shanghai Represtative Office
  • 2013  Establishment of VIBRA Vibration Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • 2015  Start of production at our third location in Baoshan District,Shanghai,China 
  Our company's success is rooted in collaborative partnerships with our clients as well as in the awareness of every single employee that the ultimate goal of each individual step is customer satisfaction with the finished product. Our impressive evolution has been accompanied by the regular extension of our production equipment, which meanwhile covers a total floor space of more than 12,000 m2. 

Pilot Plant
  Given the almost unlimited variety and diversity of applications and tasks, the theoretical design of vibrating and processing apparatus frequently has to be verified by means of experiments. Our pilot plant, built in 1996, is accordingly extensively equipped with machines and installations for conveying, screening, compacting, drying and cooling as well as the necessary instrumentation and control equipment. In certain cases, for instance if characteristics of the product to be handled which are relevant to the trials change during transport, it is useful to conduct the tests at the customer's facility. Several special test machines and experimental units are available for this purpose.

  The experimental units for fluid-bed technology are designed as container modules. The containers, which are arranged according to their function (fluid bed, air handling equipment with air heater), are mobile and can be combined as required. 

  If desired, the trials can be accompanied by one of our process engineers. 


  Offenbach/Main, the site of our main facility, is situated in the heart of the Rhine-Main economic region and has proved an ideal base for international business activities owing to its proximity to Frankfurt/Main airport and central station. Our production facility in Utzberg/Weimar is located directly on the B7 federal highway between Weimar and Erfurt – right in the very center of Germany. It was established in 1991 with a view to increasing the company's manufacturing capacity.    

  The two sites extend over a total area of 45,000 m2 and accommodate modern production shops covering a total floor space of more than 12,000 m2 as well as various office buildings and a pilot plant.